Elect Happer, Lane, DeSantis!


Additional Information

Dan Happer, Audrey Lane, and Matthew DeSantis have been working and volunteering for Mountain Lakes for decades. 

Their actions and decisions have directly benefited taxpayers with savings in the tens of thousands of dollars over the years.  

The tax strain to New Jersey residents and businesses, and locally in Mountain Lakes, can be substantial. 

Happer, Lane, and DeSantis are committed to finding more ways to maximize your tax dollars and RESTORE LAKER VALUE.

We Support:

  • Transparent, Efficient and Accountable Government
  • Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility and Spending Within our Means
  • Preserving our Parks, Lakes, Open Spaces and Community Character
  • Infrastructure Projects that Improve and Enhance the Borough
  • Efforts to Support and Attract Local Businesses